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Recap: 10/10 For Lost In Time Festival 2023!

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Protoje-Lost-In-Time-Festival-2023-cedestialProtoje at the 2023 debut of Lost In Time Festival. Photo: Destinee Condison (@cedestial) for Rolling Stone.

With the announcement of Protoje’s Lost In Time (LIT) Festival’s second staging, Writes and Kulcha remembers the festival’s 2023 launch in Kingston, Jamaica, which sent ripples through the island’s creative sector. It was an unforgettable experience…

A brilliant recap of the premier staging of Protoje’s Lost in Time Festival in February 2023 at Hope Gardens, Kingston, Jamaica, as captured by Alt Studios.

A far cry from the Shell Bandstand, around-town shows we enjoyed back in the 2010s (and all the others that followed), there was an air of uniqueness about the Lost In time Festival. Protoje and his team had spent years showing us the potential, plotting the vision and now, they bathed us in a wave of excitement. The festival seemed to guarantee a great experience, and not only did they deliver, but they also surpassed everyone’s expectations with their immersive approach. 

Picture this, a cool Saturday afternoon, not a cloud in the sky and a nice zephyr muting the impact of the sun. A sea of staff directing people into their parking areas and relative lines. From the outside, you see fabric… no sneak peek of what’s happening inside to pique your curiosities more. Stepping into the venue reveals their attention to detail and artistry, a beautiful oasis in the city with lots to intrigue you. Selfies snapping everywhere. as fabulously styled patrons milled around, adorning the space even more while you keep reconnecting with people you haven’t seen in a while. A slew of scintillating performances flowing, and, although cameos abound, everything is running on time. 

Doesn’t that sound amazing? It’s no wonder everyone kept talking about it long after it ended. The LIT festival was insanely organised—from the parking to the entry lines, stage management to décor. With two stages, there were no cumbersome band changes or subsequent extensive delays… with the DJs, nuh lay-lay or long talking. 

Protoje’s brand has long been synonymous with great visuals and enjoyable shows, but to see it translate to an undertaking of this magnitude, rivalling similar international events was truly next level. Especially as his team took the time to build a community around the artist and his music, and spent years nurturing their network. Lost In Time offered a courtyard full of excellent local artisans, delicious food and cute photo props. Between that and the artistes —like Naomi Cowan, Ras-I, Mortimer, Lila Ike, Jazz Elise, Sevana, Aidonia, the man himself, Protoje, and a very special guest artiste, Chronixx, there was never a dull moment. 

After spending afternoon into the night at the inaugural event, our only feedback is minimal—there needed to be more trash bins, bathrooms, and places to sit. Walking back and forth between two stages and standing for hours to watch live performances gets exhausting fast, especially when there’s a ‘no chairs’ protocol. Plus, the constant exodus presents a natural hindrance to spreading blankets, as between two stages, everywhere practically becomes a walkway. 

Still, as important as these factors are to the comfort of attendees, none of them tainted an otherwise well-curated, 10/10 experience, so we’re offering a solid big up to you, Protoje, and your competent team. May the Lost In Time Festival grow from strength to strength. We look forward to the next one! 

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