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Word, Sound, Healing Fi Di Man Dem

Yoga instructor Donovan Manning guides patrons into the relaxing Savasana (corpse pose)

Writes and Kulcha is committed to researching, documenting, preserving and examining the culture.

Our reporting will always place a high priority on the communities and experiences that we as Indigenous Peoples, Caribbean people, Jamaicans, and African descendants have, both at home and abroad; from the perspective of what makes us unique as well as the problems that challenge and impede us. In this manner, we can have the necessary discourse needed to chart the way forward as a community. One such problem is the way we deal (or don’t deal) with mental health issues and persons experiencing challenges in that area, which is why we have an outreach arm called Mind-Being Wellness. The mental health cause is dear to our hearts as a team, and so we’ll continue to spotlight these matters. Through our events and initiatives, we also connect with those who need help, raise awareness and highlight practical solutions. 

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The first event since we decided on this undertaking is (the second staging of) Word, Sound, Healing: Fi Di Man Dem—a mission first  executed in Men’s Month, November 2019, and repeated in December of last year.

A peek inside Word, Sound, Healing: Fi Di Man Dem – a men’s workshop where women held space.

Writes and Kulcha intends to host this event quarterly, to engage men who need additional support and community. Its variants will focus on at-risk groups and other aspects of holistic wellness, the details for which will be shared in our publication. Enjoy highlights from our most recent staging, with a short clip on our YouTube channel and images from our own lens.

If you’d like to learn more, this linked LOOP News feature provides a detailed overview of the event’s proceedings.

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